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We are the roofing technology experts.

Welcome to Oneclick Data

OneClick Data has developed a suite of products that are all designed to transform the roof replacement market as we know it. OneClick has automated the process for identifying both the municipality who has jurisdiction and the code enforceable line items associated with it.


About Us:

OneClick Data is a data and analytics platform company providing tools for finding and documenting data to build faster and more accurate roofing estimates. 

OneClick’s Code product is a patent-pending, third-party verifier of building codes based on geospatial data and municipality enforcement.


We enable faster, precise roofing estimates that you can count on and audit.

We aim to eliminate all friction with tracking down building codes, permits, and other material costs when creating an estimate for property restoration. To become the dominant authority in National Building code and permit data.


Explore Our Product Suite:

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A robust array of features, all designed to identify code enforceable line items. Don’t let your roofing estimates swing by +/- 25% and tap into one single source of truth.

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Don’t be surprised with added Permit costs, county and use-tax. OneClick gives you the ability to calculate permit costs in the beginning of your journey, not the end. Live in Colorado and expanding nationwide by the end of 2023.

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With an industry-wide problem of 3 million roofing claims annually, Insurance Carriers can't afford inaccurate estimates for roofing projects. OneClick Estimate will specify the scope of work and leverage robust data to define the market price for a roofing project, allowing carriers for the first-time-ever to settle claims quickly and at scale.

Don’t leave money on the table

Explore our robust calculators to identify specific costs with Ice & Water Shield, Ventilation and Waste. We believe in complete transparency for roof repair and replacement.

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Trusted By:

Cornerstone National Insurance
CoreLogic DHA

OneClick Data does the heavy lifting to understand building code enforcement for every address in the U.S.

Experience the power of Oneclick data

Cost Savings

When adjusters have the tools they need to succeed, they are more likely to report happiness in their job and perform at a higher level.



We have collected and maintained a database of building codes and permitting data from over 20K cities and counties in the US (99.8% coverage)

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When you save hours on every claim, your bottom line is happy. OneClick is designed help you get there in a few simple clicks.

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Having the right data at your fingertips to create defensible estimates, is what your strive for. With a simple app or API right into your legacy system, your data is accessible in seconds.

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